Kamis, 28 Mei 2009



Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

its been a long tyme

salam semua..hehe,,dah lama tak mengeblog..it has been a long time i never write a thing in here..hehe.i have no mood of writting lately,dunno why,maybe am too busy handling so many activities(such a lame xcuse rite,hhiiihi) but the truth is I HAVE NO IDEA WAT TO WRITE IN HERE,hohoho..life kind of bored and i do miss my homey,my mum n dad,BADLY..(T_T)..talked wit my mum just now,n alhamdulillah everyone is fine..n she do talk about her fibroid..my sis insist wanna have the surgery to remove my mum nyer fibroid end of this year,am kinda agree wit her,dah lama sgt la,takut ade komplikasi lak..hehe..ok guys,kita sambung malam kang eyh..=)