Rabu, 14 April 2010


dis week was awesome,did my first autopsy,hehe..never knew dat being in forensic group was damn cool..
i did my first stitch,and the need went straight..haha
sepatutnya jarum tu bengkok..=_=''
everything seems so fine,am happy eventho got some part arent still ok..
but wat to do right,life goes on..sad huh..hehe
i wish dis thing will end soon..i have nobody here except GOD..
am giving everything to HIM..
hanya DIA yg tau..=)

Selasa, 13 April 2010

nyanyi nyanyi...



haiyO..hai O..hallO..

today as usual,no corpse in forensic department and it have been 1 week ++..haiyo,
my lecture said,"pray harder people,hope we will get new body in"..=.="..
nothing much happen today,am still alive,thank god..lifes ok i gess,nothing wrong wif myself except for the flu and cough..been talking about my friends which am not interested in sharing here,and wat is new,i found dis blogs name RCKs..haha..kinda like it very much,seriously he is very good..in wat way i dunno but hearts tells me dat he is good..haha...love to read his post,hopefully i will get this type of person during my MOs..haha..atleast now i have sumthing to read to release my tension.
going to enter surgery department after dis,another 2 weeks to come..hope everything will be fine..=)

Senin, 12 April 2010

new entry..+)


so long never been in here..lately lifes bit sucks..seriously sucks..dont know how to describe it..it doesnt related with my studies,its all about life..me myself have done so many thinking until i am sick to think it again..am letting all go..i hate to do it,but i have to..time for me to pack myself and move on..before that,to dis person,u know who you are,FUCKER..MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU..well..am okay now..hehe..like i said before..life goes on..hehe..lega lak meluah kat sini..

nite nite friends..^^